Privacy Policy

This page will give you with the information regarding how we collect and use the data from the ADVANTAGE website.

Personal data

Any of your personal data that is collected and stored will be in line with the General Data Protection Regulation. This includes:

your IP address, and details of your web browser used to access this site
information on how you use the site, using cookies and web access logs (further information provided below)

We use this data to:

improve the monitoring of our site
collect feedback to improve our services

We will only use personal information that you have provided to us for the purpose stated at the time we request it. We do not disclose this information to a third party unless you authorise it or as otherwise permitted by the General Data Protection Regulation.

We retain data for 26 months in Google Analytics before it is deleted.

Web access logs

We may use data in web access logs if there is a security breach. This data could be used to help trace the breach.

We do not provide or sell any information gathered from web access logs to any third party.


We may put small files (known as ‘cookies’) onto your computer to collect information about how you interact with the site.

You may stop or restrict the placement of these cookies on your computer. This is done by adjusting your web browser preferences, however, this may interfere with some of the features of the site.

These cookies are used to measure how you use the website and allows us to implement changes, based on your needs, to improve the site.